The Metuchen Music Enrichment & Development Organization is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to provide funding, enrichment opportunities and volunteer support as needed to ensure that every student who chooses to study, learn, or perform music will have the opportunity to do so through the music programs in Metuchen Public Schools.

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings used to occur on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the MHS library. However due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meetings have moved to online. Currently we are notifying the next meeting schedules via email.  The complete schedule will be published at a later date after the whole scheduling is confirmed.

During each meeting, you will have the opportunity to hear the music faculty and supervisor's reports, the reading and approval of minutes, statements from all our committees and school liaisons, along with the ability to discuss and participate in the planning of upcoming events and fundraisers. 

MHS Staff & Board Members


Music Supervisor - Ashley Jaye            

            Band Department - John Messenger & John Flynn

              Choral Music - Stefeny Stofa-Krombholtz

        Orchestral Music - Christopher McEwan        


                 Co-Presidents - Karen McNamara & Anny Shao

Vice President - Rajeev Aggarwal  

   Secretary - Joanne Hoover 

                              Co-Treasurers - Donna Jamison & Andrew (Andy) Hyon 

             MHS Band Co-Chairs - Janet DeLaCruz & Ruthanne Grace

 MHS Choir Chair - Amy & Danny Wong

Orchestra Chair - Butch Hoover       

Co-Color Guard Chairs - Jennifer & John Fong      



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