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MMEDO welcomes donations! We are a 501c3 charitable organization and can supply you with a receipt for your donation. 



Concert stole_edited.jpg


Stefeny Krombholz

Ms. Krombholz would like to get choir stoles and new robes for members of the choral ensembles

String bass case.jpeg


Christopher McEwan

The orchestra acquired a 2nd string bass this year, but needs cases to protect these 2 very large instruments!

Cost: $2000 for two cases

concert bells 3_edited.png
Silver Trumpet_edited_edited_edited.png

Concert Band

John Messenger

Mr. Messenger has a very long wish list, but included are a set of concert bells (cost $685) and a silver lightweight trumpet (cost $725)


MMEDO welcomes volunteers.

Families with students in Marching Band can help at competitions and football games


MHS will be hosting several events this year, including a marching band competition, jazz competition, and an orchestra  festival. Volunteers with be needed to help run these events. 

If you are a business owner interested in partnering with MMEDO for fundraising events, please contact us. 

If you have any  other skills that you would care to contribute, please speak with us!

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